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Diwali #Sandesh2Soldiers Wishes, Greetings, Messages Images to Indian Army soldiers – Narendra Modi

Diwali #Sandesh2Soldiers Wishes, Greetings, Messages Images to Indian Army soldiers – Narendra Modi
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Diwali #Sandesh2Soldiers Wishes, Greetings, Messages Images to Indian Army soldiers – Narendra Modi

Today’s article is exceptionally extraordinary as today’s post is all devoted to our overcome officers of our nation India who are always ensuring every one of us without taking break. So this Diwali let every one of us salute our military and this is the slightest we as a whole can accomplish for our warriors securing us at the Indian outskirt. Our Indian armed force warriors give up their entire life, their family, their childhood and even celebrations on which entire India gets an occasion yet our Indian armed force Jawan still don’t have an occasion. So go ahead all, we should commit this Diwali celebration by sending wish Sandesh to each warrior #Sandesh2Soldiers a Very Happy Diwali. We realize that Diwali celebration is only one day away and our PM Narendra Modi on 22nd of Oct, 2016 has engaged every one of the Indians to recall our country’s military solider through twitter and by means of Narendra Modi App. This little stride of wishing upbeat Diwali welcome to our Indian Army warriors has been begun by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi through long range informal communication site twitter and yes we as a whole can wish our Indian Jawan soldiers cheerful Diwali Sandesh through twitting on twitter with a hash label #Sandesh2Soldiers. So today we are posting a portion of the all the best, welcome and messages of glad Diwali #Sandesh2Soldiers to our Indian army soldiers through twitter.

Greetings Wishes and Messages for Indian Army soldiers | Diwali 2016 #Sandesh2Soldiers

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Happy Diwali #Sandesh2Soldiers Wishes To Indian Army Soldiers For Twitter.

  • This deepavali let us all salute all our brave and courageous Indian armed forces by sending our wishing happy Diwali Sandesh #Sandesh2Soldiers. Jai Hind
  • Hamare desh ki raksha me hamare sainiko ka yogdaan sarvopari hai. Aaiye, unko Diwali ki shub kamnaye de #Sandesh2Soldiers.
  • #Sandesh2Soldiers. Send your happy Diwali greetings wishes & messages to our Indian army Jawans and their contribution in protecting our nation is paramount.
  • Happy Diwali to our armed forces. Thank u for protecting us from our enemies. You guys are the true hero’s. Jai Hind
  • Happy Diwali to our true Hero THE INDIAN ARMY. Thank You for sacrificing your life for motherland. Vandemataram
  • Happy and safe diwali my jawans. Safe matlab- Diwali ke avasar par sab terrorist ko udado par aaplog safe rehna. Jai hind!
  • Diwali ki aap sabhi desh ke Veer jawano ko hardik shubhkamna
  • What can I say to my brave brethren, you’ll have given ur today for India’s tomorrow. May the lord bless ull with the BEST

Happy Diwali #Sandesh2Soldiers Greetings To Indian Army Soldiers For Narendra Modi App.

  • Tan samarpit, maan samarpit aur yeh jeewan samarpit, chahta hu desh ki dharti tujhe kuch aur bhi du!!! Salute to our Indian armed forces soldiers #Sandesh2Soldiers
  • There is a warm wishes and greetings to all those who stand 24 hours on border as a shield to guard us all and our families from the hostile neighbors. #Sandesh2Soldiers
  • Indian army Jawans you all give us the security of our lives just like our parents. This Diwali let us all salute their sacrifices. #Sandesh2Soldiers wishing you a very happy Diwali.
  • Dear brothers, You r doing the greatest duty..protecting our motherland..proud of u..love u all ?
  • Tum ho to hum hain…happy diwali to the real heroes..
  • Thank you for persistent commitment towards my safety. My life is grateful for ur valour.
  • Wishing a Happy&Prosperous Diwali 2 our soldiers. Thanks 4 sacrificing your happiness and comforts for our safety Jai Hind.
  • Deep Love and utmost respect to you guys … you deserve every breath of mine … Cause you gave me that !!! … JaiHind

Happy Diwali #Sandesh2Soldiers Messages To Indian Army Soldiers For Twitter.

  • Let us all express our gratitude for all the Indian Jawans who keep us all safe and sound each and every year. #Sandesh2Soldiers we all love you Brothers!!!
  • Wish happy Diwali to all the three forces of India, Para forces, medics and the entire defense for making this country feel proud. Salute to our real heroes Indian Army Jawans #Sandesh2Soldiers.
  • Wishing all the Jawans of our Indian army and let us all remember the sacrifices that our brave soldiers do by constantly guiding and protecting the country by sending wishes, messages and greeting via Narendra Modi App. #Sandesh2Soldiers
  • Happy Dipawali to all of our Security Forces. We are thankful for your day night efforts for us.
  • Whole Nation is with You and loves you ~ We salute your service to the Nation ~ Happy Diwali in Advance
  • While we celebrate Diwali with our loved ones, we must also remember & pray for our armed forces.
  • God bless you & your families for all your hard work & sacrifice for the country and people !! Happy Diwali & proud of you

Deepavali Sandesh2soldiers Messages and Wishes in Hindi Language

  • दिपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं, आप और आप का परिवार हमारा है…
  • ये_दीवाली_सेना_के_नाम
  • मुझे भारतीय सेना पर गर्व है। उन्हीं की कठोर तपस्या से हम चैन की नींद सोते हैं। सैनिकों के दम पर देश है, हम हैं। जैहिंद ⛳
  • जब देश मे थी दीवाली,वो खेल रहे थे होली जब हम बैठे थे घरों मे ,वो झेल रहे थे गोली ऐ मेरे वतन के लोगों तुम खूब लगालो नारा… जैहिंद
  • भारतीय सैनिकों को दीपावली कि ढेर सारी सुभकामनाये। आप हो तो ये देश है, आप हो तो हम सब है
  • आप वहाँ हो ,इसलिए देश में दिवाली है , ख़ुशी है. नमन है आपके त्याग को. दीपावलीकी हार्दिक शुभकामनायें.
  • तन समर्पित, मन समर्पित और यह जीवन समर्पित, चाहता हूं देश की धरती तुझे कुछ और भी दूं। We Salute our soldiers.

So this was all about Diwali #Sandesh2Soldiers greetings, wishes, and messages to Indian army soldiers through Twitter or via Narendra Modi App. Download the NM app for free and stay always connected with the Prime Minister (PM). For latest updates, news, stay connected.


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  1. Happy Diwali to all our brave soldiers 🙂 #sandesh2soldiers #salutethem

  2. Rajeev Kumar Negi Negi

    Rajeev Kumar Negi Negi
    Wishing u a very peaceful, prosperous and happy Depawali, God bless u and ur family g.

  3. Rajeev Kumar Negi Negi

    Jai hoe, jai hind.

  4. Mere desh ke sourya veer ghathaonke lia deepavalika dher sare shubha kamna he. Jai hind jai Bharat matha….

  5. Soldier tum hmari aan baan shaan ho pr aj bi kuch log china ki ldiaa lga rhe h mene bhut smjaya lekin vo mane nhi umeed hai vo jald hi apki bicott china me help krenge… pr mene bicott china ka safr shuru kr diya.. JAI HIND !! BHARAT MATA KI JAI!!!!ABKI DIWALI SOLDIER KE NAM

  6. Happy diwali soldierm

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